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CDs (1-2)ShirtMagazine
Germany: 1,5€

World: 4€
Germany: 3€

World: 4€
Germany: 1,5€

World: 4€

 DIABOLICAL IMPERIUM "The Sacred Lie” (ger) CD 10€ 
Dark, satanic early 90’s Death Metal 

 ETERNAL "The Berserks' Legion Defiance" (fra) CD 10€ 
Furious, dark, unholy brutal Death Metal in the vein of Morbid Angel / Immolation 

 FETOCIDE "redefine" (ger) CD 10€
Dark & technical Death Metal

 KREON "Impact Winter" (ger) CD 10€ 
Dark sophisticated Death Metal

 OBSCURE INFINITY "Putrefying Illusions" (ger) CD 10€
Second album. Dark old school DM

OBSCURE INFINITY "Dawn Of Winter" (ger) CD 10€
Debut album. Dark old school DM

 OCEAN OF ZERO "Where Sickness Prevails" (austr.) MCD 8€ great Australian DM

 OCEAN OF ZERO "Graveyards At The Gates" (austr.) CD 10€ debut full-length by this Australian Death Fiends
 TORTURE THRONE “Thy Serpent’s Cult” (fra) MCD 8€
old school DM in the vein of Dismember, Grave, Incantation

 TORTURE THRONE “Stench Of Innocence” (fra) MCD 8€
old school DM in the vein of Dismember, Grave, Incantation

 TRIMEGISTO "Subterranean Streams" (chile) CD 10€
obscure, brutal & dark Death Metal 

 VOLTURYON "Blood Cure" (swe) CD 10€
Brutal sophisticated Death Metal